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Cerulean Eos

Tribal Shell Décor Masks Small

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Love Tribal Decor? Check out these beautiful handmade wooden mask faces. These ethnic wood masks come in a lovely brown color, and come on a fixed stand, in three sizes, and with a shell hat. A stunning accessory for your home - be it the living room, lounge room - or any room! Suits most decor. Tribal. Cool!

Product Features

Style: Tribal
Color: Brown
Shape: Face
Material: Wood; Shells
Size: Large 58cm High (Including Stand) x 21cm Wide/ 23" H x 8" W

Medium 46cm High (Including Stand) x 18cm Wide/ 19" H x 7" W

Small 29cm High (Including Stand) x 10cm Wide/ 11 " H x 4" W
With Stand: Yes
Weight: Large 2.5 Kilos; 8 Lbs

Medium 1.8 Kilos; 6 Lbs

Small 1.0 Kilos (Including Stand) 4 Lbs

All our wooden decor items are handmade to order, so no two are exactly the same. Please expect some variations and delivery in 3 to 4 weeks