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Cerulean Eos

Straw Grass Woven Mirror in Tan and White

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Straw Grass Woven Mirror in Tan and White
Love Round Grass Mirrors? Then you are going to love this beautiful handmade grass mirror. This large round wall mirror comes in a natural straw grass color and has been embellished in the center with wound cotton around the straw grass. This natural mirror is suitable for use in any area of ​​the house - inside or outside - where you want to provide a natural feel. This beautiful mirror wall will add a touch of beauty to any setting.
Available in White or Black

Product Features

Style: Coastal
Color: Natural and White
Shape: Round
Material: Grass; Woven Cotton
Size: 95cm Diameter / 38 inches
Weight: 5.0 Kilos / 13 lbs