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Cerulean Eos

Natural Seagrass Wall Decor Fan with Leaves in White

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Natural Seagrass Wall Decor Fan with white Leaves

Product Description

Love Natural Straw Grass Wall Decor? Check out these beautiful handmade straw grass home decor hangings

This circular round natural grass straw ornament comes in a beautiful natural color, and is a fantastic wall decoration for any area of the home that needs a natural and unique hanging. Natural. Tropical.

Product Features

Style:Ā Islander; Beach
Color:Ā NaturalĀ 
Shape:Ā Half Round
Material:Ā  Grass Straw
Size:Ā Ā 30 cm / 12 inches wide
Weight:Ā 2 lbsĀ 

All our straw & grass home decor items are handmade, so no two are exactly the same. Please expect some variations.

Made in Indonesia