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Jewelry Experience

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Elevate Your Look
With Beautiful Jewelry...

Get ready to add the perfect jewelry pieces to your wardrobe every month...

1. Order Now

Your first jewelry collection ships out in 2 days!

2. Unbox Your First Jewelry Pieces

Time to celebrate and try on your new jewelry!!! Each month you'll get gorgeous pieces of jewelry.


Get ready to receive those compliments everywhere you go!

Don’t Have Time To Shop?

Let us do the work while you grow your jewelry collection! The box also makes a perfect gift for anyone out there!

You’ll be receiving a combination of on-trend and classic pieces, exposing you to a new selection that you may not have otherwise discovered. Accessories make it possible to be on-trend without changing your entire wardrobe or breaking the bank.


Over $70+

of Jewelry






Each month we’ll send you 2 pieces of curated jewelry between a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. You will receive a different exclusive piece each month with every collection valued at more than $70!

You KEEP everything your receive without paying anything extra!! Unlike other jewelry subscription services, we are not a rental service but rather a keep what you receive service!

We focus on dainty and trendy styles. The versatile styles will really help you build your dream jewelry collection, allowing for so many options, perfect for your different moods, outfits, or events/occasions!

You will be billed the day that you sign-up for the current box and we’ll ship that out within 2 business days.